Crossbow Assassin ambushes Echer'Naught Alpha team

On a cross-country road from Erlgen Keep to Echer'Naught, the Alpha team under command of Sergeant Sir Volstagg was ambushed by a crossbowmen sniper. Three members of the team, Sergeant Volstagg, RFC Daynore, and Ranger Newt were all incapped, though not slain. Ultimately, the Rangers managed to reach Echer'Naught telepathically and summoned knights from Harken. 

The assassin escaped, killing the scouts hunting him with arc-fire traps. With aid, the Ranger team reached Echer'Naught and secured the critcally wounded in the city Hospital.

Field Marshal Baron Alexander Wolfhaven assumes command of Erlgen Keep

After the attack of the unnamed adept on the attendees of Squire Lt. Avaran Halten's funeral, Baron Alexander Wolfhaven arrived to take command of the keep and secure the prisoner, Sir Eric Halten, Royal Sheriff of Echer'Naught and Royal Warden, who was charged with the murder of Lady Bolen.

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