Rise of the Fallen

Future Products, J&L, and YOU!

Greetings Gamers!

As we approach the end of the Rise of the Fallen era and look forward to the future, Savage Mojo is hard at work planning our 2017 product line with a strong focus on Shaintar and J&L. For years now you have all worked and played hard creating this expansive and emersive collaboration. Together we defeated the Tempest, turned back aggression by the Prelacy of Camon, and are now holding the line against the forces of Vainar!

Letter of Refusal from the Heart of Light, Mistress of the Council of Archanaya Istella Nollan

To Lanier Fareneux,

In response to your request for parley;

It is easy to speak of Faith and principle while cloistered comfortably in our churches and our communities. How much more difficult is it then to stand for what is right in the face of Evil when its shadow falls upon our threshold. There is temptation in your words, to ignore our conscience and ally ourselves with you in this time of dire consequence.

Letter of Parley from the Archcardinal of the Prelacy of Camon to the leaders of the Southern Kingdoms

To the Tyrants and Overlords of the belligerent Southern Kingdoms,


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