Crimson Crusade

Future Products, J&L, and YOU!

Greetings Gamers!

As we approach the end of the Rise of the Fallen era and look forward to the future, Savage Mojo is hard at work planning our 2017 product line with a strong focus on Shaintar and J&L. For years now you have all worked and played hard creating this expansive and emersive collaboration. Together we defeated the Tempest, turned back aggression by the Prelacy of Camon, and are now holding the line against the forces of Vainar!

Southern Kingdom Troops withdraw from Camon

Northern Gather Forces begin withdraw on or near 1st of First Hunt

By the 8th of First Hunt Stahlhiem’s forces withdraw.

By the 12th the Elves, most of the Rangers and our allies from Eon’Voltuh withdraw

Colonel Wolfhaven and the remaining forces in Furalor begin withdrawl on the 16th of First Hunt including the remainder of the Ranger forces, the Hammerfall Riders and the Olarans.

When they reach Thuls, 20th of First Hunt, Captain Macha Panta withdraws all forces from near Aladel pulling back through Stagg, a trip of 2 days (22nd of First Hunt).

Crimson Crusade: Armistice

During an unprecented event, leaders, military commanders, diplomats and spies from Camon, Stahlheim, Eon'Voltuh, Olara, Galea, Elven Nations and the Northern Gathers arrived in the occupied city of Furalor to sign the first ever official agreement between the Prelacy of Camon and the Southern Kingdoms.


Southern Kingdoms & Allies

Sir Valitor Galadrius, Southern Kingdoms

Chancellor of Foreign Affairs, Olara

Rorauk Fyrforg, Stahlheim

Prince Macha Panta, Eon'Voltuh

Kassagore, Northern Gathers


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