Red Store

Keep of Fortune

Red Store, Shaya'Nor, & Deniers

Using the trade channels established during the Malakar Dominion's sale of corpses to Shaya'Nor, Red Store is solidifying its presence in the Northern Gathers acting as brokers between the disenfranchised Deniers of Death and Shaya'Nor, purchasing fresh corpses from Crimson Crusade battlefields for corrput rituals, and making in-roads into Shaya'Nor in preparation for Shaya'Nor inevitable rise to power.

New foes:

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The 6th Company of the Silver Unicorn Hunts the Seamstress

Gathering at a remote inn near the free city of Camden (AKA Snakes Den), the 6th Company of the Silver Unicorn* begins the hunt for the Red Store leader known as the Seamstress. They seek to determine her role in what is quietly referred to in the Black Lantern as "The Merchant's Gambit."

They encounter (and recruit) the renegade Builder, Alojzy, who helps them work out the Seamstress' destination - the lost Isle of Norvos, far out to sea near the southern edges of the Mists of the Veil.


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