Eternal Desert

Delta Team of Echer'Naught returns to A'Davar

After being in the field in the Defiant Lands since 22nd of Forest Dance, 3126, the Delta Team of Echer'Naught finally returns to the city of A'Davar, the Kal Rear Guard right behind them. 

They were in the field for 7 months

History of the Eternal Desert

Most scholars hold that the Eternal Desert was not always a harsh and sand-covered waste. There are many indications that, thousands of years ago, it was a lush and green paradise. Furthermore, it was the home to the first true civilization in Shaintar, the Empire of the Golden Sun (sometimes called the Empire of the Golden Crown in variant translations).

Paradise Delivered

Paradise Delivered – The Nazatiran pirate king, Gonzales de Marcel (AKA “Gonzales the Great”), comes to the aid of the Youlin Aradi Prince Pakteh amin Piresh and prevents the Crimson Serpent Consortium out of Camden from successfully taking Paradise from the Desert Princes. He is rewarded by gaining the hand of Pakteh‟s eldest daughter and being named the heir to Paradise.  


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