Dark Moons

RFC Thorgram Ramshorn Slain

On the night of Dark Moons 2nd, 3125, Thorgram Ramshorn was lost in a rear guard holding action in the shadow version of Echer'Naught's North Barony Gate when he sacrificed himself to allow the rest of his team to escape with Sgt Major Stormhammer.

The Sacrifice of Thorgram Ramshorn

Within the realm of Shivak Novos, the Alpha Team was sent on a rescue mission to retrieve SgtMajor Stormhammer.  They had to infiltrate a corrupted version of Echer'Naught to get to his location -- a corrupt and twisted version of the Sacred Grove.  The moment they stepped foot into that abomination, the entire town knew they were there. 

Siege of Stonefinger

The courageous  1st Company of the White Silver Wolves with its commander of the mercenaries Captain Rorauk Fyrforg lent aid to the Dwarven clanhome besieged during the terror where darkness reigned, enveloping the regions down south. Holding it down by the defensive measures of the Stonesingers of Stonefinger Dranak Grove and the efforts of the White Silver wolves kept it one of its last safe havens up north. A farspeaker from the wolves relayed a message to Echernaught for help.


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