White River

Baron Alexander Wolfhaven, Olara, weds Lady Elyanna De'Lear, Wildlands

At 10 AM, in a secret ceremony held near the Evoran Que'kasaars Sacred Grove, Northern Landra'Feya,  Vicar Thaleon of Farwatch officiated the wedding between Baron Alexander Wolfhaven and Lady Elyanna De'Lear.

The Baron and Baroness maintain the Wolfhaven Barony lands north of Echer'Naught, and the Wolfhaven Estate in High Towne of the city.

Purity Scouting Mission


Ranger Internal Investigation team leaves Echer'Naught

Inspection team departs Echer’Naught with Chief Inspector Ss’kar na Ssavassaran under arrest afer his attempted assassination of Col. Wolfhaven. With the unexpected, and inexplicable, aggressive behavior of the Chief Inspector, the actual Inspection team returned in disgrace to Echer'Naught they themselves now the subject of an intense investigation.


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