Gray Winds

Colonel Wolfhaven assumes command of White Silver Wolves companies 1-4

Covering just under 1000 miles in two weeks, Colonel Wolfhaven arrives in the occupied city of Tirene to assume command of the White Silver Wolves companies 1-4. Along with Captain Rorauk Fyrforg, Lieutenant Kornash, Captain Helt, and Captain Avaron, Wolfhaven stages the final march and assault of Lanier, Shaya'Nor's last, and strongest holdfast in Camon.

Colonel Alexander Wolfhaven Departs A'Davar for Camon

After establishing defenses around A'Davar and coordinating for elven and dwarven reinforcments, Colonel Woldhaven relinquishes command of the city to the Prince of A'Davar. With a small retinue, the Colonel departs A'Davar, riding across the Defiant Lands to the newly established Legio Heroes' "Legion Castrum", before continuing on through the Evershade toward Lanier. Along the route, the Colonel's retinue made stops in the liberated Gathers of Rool and Erlg before linking up with the White Silver Wolves in Tirene to finalize preparations for the assault on Lanier.

Baron Alexander Wolfhaven brings suit against Ranger Corps

On the morning of the 8th of Gray Winds, 3125, Baron Alexander Wolfhaven demanded release of former Tempest Commander Anaxelum Regillus on grounds that by arresting the man, they broke his oath of treaty. Presided by Sir Halten, Royal Sheriff of Echer'Naught, Colonel Wolfhaven was refused his case due to the legal loophole that he had not petitioned permission from the Ranger Command before making the honor agreement with the, then, Tempest Commander.


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