White Stag

Long Recon Ends (DragonCon 2016)

After travelling 2265 miles over the course of 4 months and 9 days, the team arrives in Echer'Naught. Due to their continued service to the Rangers, the team is commissioned as the 1st Long Recon Ranger force with their HeadQuarters in Echer'Naught.

Mission Stats:

Distant Traveled: 2265 miles

By Land 1205 miles

By River 420 miles

By Sea 640 miles

Time Spent:

141 days or 4 months, 9 days


1 Desert

1 Ocean

Colonel Alexander Wolfhaven resumes command Regional HQ in Echer'Naught

After the route of Darkness forces, Captain Celebor relinquishes authority in Echer'Naught. Col Wolfhaven, recently returned from presumed death, assumes command.

Shaya'Nor's Forces Attack Echer'Naught

In the first major incursion in the Southern Kingdoms during the war with Shaya'Nor, an army led by a Lich, Mortis Von Dietrich, leads a massive attack on the Olaran city of Echer'Naught. Defenders quickly find themselves overrun as hidden corpses, bodies left over from the plague decimated elven population, burst from sewers beneath the streets.


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