Raining Leaves

Crimson Crusade Conclusion: Fall of Camondel

Just over a week after their surprise attack on High Port, the forces of the Southern Blades engage and defeat the Prelacy's armies at Camondel. On the field the Blades faced the largest force to date, managing to defeat in good order the godlike false Archanon, the Supreme Paladin (whose head was literally ripped off by Kassagore, leader of the aptly named Beastmen), the Lady of Judgement, many of the false Archanon's angelic horrors, and believed the ArchCardinal himself.

Crimson Crusade Conclusion: Defiance

High in the Southern Rangers, the heroes of the Southern Blades engaged the staunch defenders of the mighty fortresse of Defiance. Through cunning, guild, and a fair amount of fortune, the allies of the south breached the Prelacy defenses and took the fort with minimal losses.

Crimson Crusade Conclusion: High Port

A coalition of allied armies joined in a massive force named the Southern Blades to answer Camon's unproved attacks on Archanya, Mindoth's Tower, and the Olaran/Galean border. Early on the 16th of Raining Leaves, 3125, the Southern Blades engaged in a massive naval invasion of the Prelacy fortresse at High Port.


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