Festival Moons

Operation 'Spear Tip' Initiated by Black Lanterns

Agent Irimina Levinblades  recruits 6 'ranger trainees' from Echer'Naught into the Black Lanterns.  Goal is to establish a 'listening post' in the Shaya'nor province of Darkwatch. 

Endra's Gambit - Enter the Pit

In possibly the most audacious move of all, Endra's plan entails a team entering the stronghold of Kal'Kravas, where a slave rebellion has been slowly brewing for some time. They meet with locals involved, gain access to the main Blood Pit, and set off a spectacular and bloody slave revolt that sets the entire region into total chaos. The reigning Warlord is slain and Kal'Kravas burns for days.

Endra's Gambit - Entrance Denied

Acolytes are busily working on a new hellgate to begin pouring childer (and worse) into the region against the Unchained. A team is sent to try and shut them – and the portal – down. 


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