Festival Moons

Alchemical Rescue - Part 2

The original group who had been sent out to find the Alchemists back in Thunder Hawk was reassembled after the Siege of Sog was overthrown, minus a couple of Rangers and with the addition of Vhen and a completely new recruit Bahiyabint Al'Shams.  The mission now was to find and rescue the alchemists since it had been determined that they were still alive.  The intel suggested that the alchemists had been taken by a group of necromancers and possibly a Denier of Death was involved.

The Siege of Thuls Begins

The Prelacy undertakes a new strategy with the Crimson Crusade, pulling forces from the Northern Gather operations, as well as from the sieges of Stagg and Bearheart. Forced marches and the employment of "Returned to Service" soldiers (the work of the corrupt Deniers of Death) enable them to swiftly overwhelm local Olaran forces and place Thuls under heavy siege, with the intent of taking the town and the surrounding fertile lands permanently and using Thuls as a staging ground to cut Olara in half. 

Camp Wolfhaven Established

A force led by Col. Alexander Wolfhaven marched east from Tarnn to establish a large field hospital and supply base. The advanced forces led by Macha Panta cleared the town of Schweinskopf of Prelacy forces, but could not prevent the razing of the town and the torching of its citizens in the chapel of light.

At full capacity, the hospital can hold 1000 sick and wounded.



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