Festival Moons

Military Supply Warehouse destroyed in Echer'Naught

At around noon, another Arcfire/Alchemica device was detonated within an Olaran storehouse, killing five dwarves of the Longhaul Clan and injuring eight more. The resulting fire completely destroyed the warehouse and all contents, supplies earmarked for the war effort against the Crimson Crusade invasion. Ranger investigators confirmed that the attack was but one in a continuing guerrilla war aimed at destabilizing the Echer'Naught Regional Command center. In fear, many civilians begin to flee the town.

Echer'Naught Chapel of Light assaulted

During the mid-day service, the Echer'Naught Chapel of Light was hit when a sophisticated Arcfire/Alchemical device was detonated under a chapel pew. Six members of the faith were killed instantly by the blast, many dozen more were wounded, including the High Priest Vallandrian (Aevakar). Rangers on scene suspect a Prelacy plot to insite panic among the people of Echer'Naught and disrupt supplies to the front lines.

Aggressive Defense of Sog

Malek has been drawn into the Black Lanterns and made a Grey Lantern.  Through this process he managed to gain information on the captive from the first of these missions to clean up Sog about the whereabouts of a Prelacy Operative Javier Crollier who has been putting out bounties on Rangers, and who seemed to be working with the Dominion.


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