Festival Moons

Chapel of Light constructed in Echer'Naught

Just a few short years after the advent of the Church of Light, Priests of the new faith travel to the town of Echer'Naught bringing the good word. The more martial faith agrees with the Olaran population and quickly gains popularity.

On the 33rd of Festival Moons, 3030 during what has become the Height of the Light Festival, a chapel to Archanon was built and blessed at the corner of Center Pointe in Echer'Naught.

Lady Harken declares martial law in Echer'Naught

In response to the recent rioting and arcfire attacks on Echer'Naught (and the inability of local forces to quell the violence), Lady Valenia Harken sends her personal envoy in the guise of Lord Harken (presumed the Duke) to take direct control of the town. Lord Mayor Von Haber temporarily removed from authority.

Martial law is declared, 6pm curfew established


Echer'Naught Watch Station, Baker Street and Ranger HQ hit by Arcfire bombs!

In the pre-dawn hours, a pair of arcfire bombs were detonated inside the Echer'Naught Town Watch station in Center Pointe and on Baker Street close to the Greenway Road. Dozens of Watchmen injured, with some killed. Almost as if on cue, angry mobs of looters and rioters begin to attack any sign of civil authority. 

As one such mob approached the Echer'Naught Ranger HQ a messenger in Royal Livery delivered a box of ammunition to the Rangers, only the box contained a third bomb which nearly destroyed the HQ and almost killed the Ranger occupants. 


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