Festival Moons

Battle of Four Armies

Just inside Landra'Feya on Olara's southern border about halfway between the city of Echer'Naught and the Shainais River armies of Darkness, Flame, and Tempest engaged an allied force of Olarans, Elves, and Rangers for control of a mine dug by agents of Shaya'Nor for unknown purposes.

Ultimately, forces for both Flame and Darkness were crushed between the organized ranks of Olarans and Tempest until only those two forces remained. Sadly, the Tempest, fresh and better equipped, quickly overwhlemed the exhausted and ragged Olaran lines.

Lumi-Lapis: Stone of Light

Upon finding the Nox-Lapis, and artifact of great Darkness Power, in the stories brought out of the secret library of Libros Nox.  During the Ranger's Raid into Shaya'nor to deprive them of Nox-Lapis the Rangers found the location of it's counter part: Lumi-Lapis, said to be it's direct opposite and said to be able to cancel out the Darkness Stone.  The Rangers set off for the location, Just north of Stoon along the river on the edge of the Evershade Forest.

Nox-Lapis (Stone of Darkness) found and Shaya'nor's troops massing

From a Ranger Sponsored research facility called Libros Nox, some papers were retrieved that included a few puzzles on how to find a very dangerous artifact calle Nox-Lapis.  The Artifact has many rumors about it.  One such troubling rumors is that Vainar himself concentrated Darkness into a physical form to create it.  True or not Ranger Comand wanted the Artifact out of the enemy's hands.


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