Festival Moons

Liberation of Tirene

Colonel Wolfhaven's White Silver Wolves along with allies and marines of the River Trade Coalition begin an all out assault against Darkness forces occupying the Camon city of Tirene along the Camon River. After purging a nearby Loci on Fetival Moons 16th, 3126, units of White Silver Wolves along with RTC marines begin a pre-daw assault on the riverport district of Tirene, just outside the western gates. 

White Silver Wolves 3rd and 4th Companies clear Corrupted Loci

Just two days after Battle brothers of 2nd Squad (20; Sgt Jager), 3rd Platoon (50; Lt. Hess), 4th Company (200; Captain Avaron) cleared the last town south of Tirene, and a day after Colonel Wolfhaven arrived from Echer'Naught to lead the assault on Tirene, the combined forces of White Silver Wolves joined an assault by a Prelacy Army under Captain Leurant to retake and cleanse a corrupted Loci just southwest of Tirene.

Greenway Road Rangers dispatched into West, Wolfhaven rides North

On the same day, Festival Moons 10th, 3126, Alpha Team of Echer'Naught began a long trek into the West to scout and counter the emerging threat causing the massive trade stopping Sandstorms in the Eternal Desert. 

Within an hour of their departure, Colonel Alexander Wolfhaven also departs headed north to join the column of White Silver Wolves as they close on the occupied city of Tirene. 


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