Festival Moons

Echer'Naught's Alpha Team arrives in Almahrad, the City of Dreams

On orders from Colonel Wolfhaven, Alpha Team arrives in Almahrad, City of Dreams, to support the "Emissary," in negotiating formal relations between Grayson's Gray Rangers, and the independant city-state of Almahrad. 

Before any diplomacy can be discussed, Prince Velthana requests the Ranger Team in investigating a local murder. Their success, and the future of relations between the city and the Rangers depends on their skills as Rangers, investigators, and diplomats.

Colonel Wolfhaven Returns to Echer'Naught

After leading the successful assault on Tirene, Wolfhaven ensures that the Prelacy presence is checked before returning home with most of the RTC marines.

Liberation of Tirene

Colonel Wolfhaven's White Silver Wolves along with allies and marines of the River Trade Coalition begin an all out assault against Darkness forces occupying the Camon city of Tirene along the Camon River. After purging a nearby Loci on Fetival Moons 16th, 3126, units of White Silver Wolves along with RTC marines begin a pre-daw assault on the riverport district of Tirene, just outside the western gates. 


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