Thunder Hawk

Long Recon Team is dispatch from Echer'Naught seeking Tempest Base

The Long Recon Team accepts a mission to scout Tempest base of operations. They depart Echer'Naught heading north to Og'M'Drakar. Since last year, the team gained a few members.

Sergeant Flint Ironfinder

RFC Zathras

Ranger Wonderkill

Ranger Ssslikk

Ranger Jarvis Beerson


And a new recruit, the Priest of Light, Elrick who took the cloak. I was honored, before this new assignment to officiate the following promotions.

RFC Zathras, goblin, was promoted to Corporal and given second in command.

Sergeant Minor Aradove Longtail Lives

During the wedding of Ranger Sarah Longtail to Commander Eric Schenkle, Comissary Officer Echer'Naught Militia Company, the presumed dead Sergeant Minor Aradove Longtail and Sergeant Alfred Wolfhaven appear. Having faked their deaths to engage Lord Velkalar from anonymity, both Longtail and Wolfhaven return to their duties as Rangers.

Fall of Lord Velkalar

After two days of fighting, Colonel Wolfhaven's forces reached the summit of Velkalar's mountain and sieged the gates of his fortress. Unfortunately, terrain and engineering made conventional assaults useless. Wolfhaven also lacked the time and resources for an extended siege. Calling his Echer'Naught Alpha Team, Colonel Wolfhaven personally led the assault on the final keep.


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