Eternal Sun

Therel Fateweaver, seneschal of Echer'Naught, slain

During the reception for the wedding of Sir Gunther Volstagg, Order of the Crimson Wall, and Lady Nexus Zathlan, House Lyonn of Galea, There Fateweaver, seneschal of Echer'Naught, was slain by Dom Alphonz Domingo Ferrara Diego Castellano, Fancing Master of agent of the criminal mastermind, Lord Velkalar.

Siege of Rool Begins!!

Enveloped by the encroaching forces of Darkness of Morden with fellow Goblinesh corrupted to her side, Rool stands alone and blockaded with sturdy defenses of Marrowstone walls combined by vigilant Goblinesh and magic to evade an immediate defeat. The Combative gather is alone, thwarting all attempts by mundane assaults, covert means, and magical ingenuity. It's unknown how long they will persist 

Fall of Sun's Crossing

After returning from a scouting mission to discover a Kal base to the south, the Rangers of Sun's Crossing returned to their homes just in time to see Flame cauldrons appearing around their community. Hundreds, maybe thousands of Childer and Kal-A-Nar elite troops poured out and overran Sun's Crossing even as the Rangers desperately evacuated few survivors. 

It took those lucky few until the 1st of Thunder Hawk to reach the relative safety of Echer'Naught walls.


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