Planting Moons

Coup d'état in Faraway


The Baron Alistair of North Face, with the back-up from Archbishop Merrin and Faraway's Church troops, took control of the Duchy with the blessing of the Chruch. While no official ruling has been received from Camondel, as most eyes are turned toward the Crimson Crusade in the west, the Church in Faraway (and Archbishop Merrin) seems to have no doubt that Gerard Travane has been ploying against the nation for a long time.

The Liberation of Esal's Keep

An eclectic group of ex-mercenaries from Drenmar and members of the Unchained conduct a raid against the current occupants of Esal's Keep, a fortress holding on the northeastern border of the Empire. There, Warlord Beran ki Sivenek's efforts to transform Brynja into a flame-blooded "bride" are undone and he is destroyed. Brynja and her brother, Zerin, determine to reclaim their ancestral home and declare open rebellion against the Emperor, thus establishing the first true stronghold for the forces of the Unchained.

Storms of Echer'Naught

Returning from the ruins of the Wolfhaven estate and the Storm Mage's lair, the Rangers of Echer'Naught found a storm beginning above the beacon tower. As lighting split the sky and the largest Cyclone in the region to date began to form directly above Echer'Naught's beacon tower, the Rangers fought through Storm Mercenaries, bizzare storm creatures and eventually faced the Storm Mage himself atop the tower. 

Once the mage was defeated, they found the Lord Mayor von Haber locked in his own vault.


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