Planting Moons

Prison Break at Kythros

A prison break at Kythros killed 3 guards and wounded numerous others. Former Rangers Rysak Ironblood and Thomas Zulcrum are reported to be some of the prisoners missing. 

Prior to the "Escape" Thomas Zulcrum requested to speak with Ranger Command in regards to information to Velkalar. A few days after his request the "prison escape" occurred. 

Misplacing Colonel Wolfhaven

During an engagement with an advanced force of Tempest Legionnaires, Colonel Baron Alexander Wolfhaven was faced with a superior military force and forced to improvise a plan to close the Tempest portal by using his team as a distraction while her, personally, assaulted the portal.

All went as planned, until the last Tempest Mage fell. When Wolfhaven attempted to teleport out of the collapsing portal the magical maelstrom affected his power...

... resulting in the Col dissapearing. Though he is still assumed to be alive.

Temple of the Silver Unicorn Completed

Basic construction has been finalized in the area, the order being granted a building nearby the Church of Light. Now they serve as guardians within that section of Echer'Naught vigilantly.


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