Planting Moons

Attack on Ranger Outpost (Formerly Wyvern Estate)

The Ranger Alpha Team of Echer'Naught discovered the estate of one Gunther Volstagg (formerly John Wyvern) had been reduced to rubble. The Estate was being used by the Rangers as a forward operating base. A sky blue banner with a golden V was placed in the heart of the rubble, indicating Velkalar was behind it. Given known associates of Velkalar, it is suggested that Korash, Destroyer of Armies, instigated this attack. 

24 Rangers and 6 staff members were killed/crushed to death in brutal, barbaric fashion. 

Attack on Evoran Que'kasaars' Sacred Grove

The Sacred Tree, born from the death of one Ranger Sgt. Evoran Que'kasaars, came under attack. Arcfire weapons were used. The Sacred Grove was destroyed.

Assassination attempt on Lady Illandria Treesinger

While tending to the devistation of Evoran Que'kasaars Sacred Grove, High Druidess Treesinger of Echer'Naught's Sacred Grove is attacked via bewitched crossbow bolts. These bolts were coated in a highly lethal toxin for elves. Direct intervention from Eve, who was also wounded by the attacker, is what kept the High Druidess from dying. 

The Sniper/Assassin escapes.


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