Planting Moons

White Silver Wolves 4th Company reach the Crystal River

By afternoon on the 11th of Planting Moons, 3126 all enemy forces between my army and the river had been dispatched. I now hold the southern end of a large crossing just east of the Sog Fork with an entrenched army of Darkness glowering at me from the opposite bank.

Prison Transport of Dakota Afliem Attacked

The Prison Transport containing former Ranger Dakota Afliem was attacked. Evidence indicates a single assailant is the culprit. Given the cirumstances at the time, she was guarded with the most experienced Rangers at the time. All of her guards were found dead at the scene with wounds consistent of a long, thin blade. 

Given the nature of the wounds and the modus operandi, it is speculated that an associate of Velkalar, the duelist amed Alphonz Domingo Ferrara Diego Castellano was behind the attack.  

Dakota Afliem's body was not found. 

Attack on Ranger Outpost (Formerly Wyvern Estate)

The Ranger Alpha Team of Echer'Naught discovered the estate of one Gunther Volstagg (formerly John Wyvern) had been reduced to rubble. The Estate was being used by the Rangers as a forward operating base. A sky blue banner with a golden V was placed in the heart of the rubble, indicating Velkalar was behind it. Given known associates of Velkalar, it is suggested that Korash, Destroyer of Armies, instigated this attack. 

24 Rangers and 6 staff members were killed/crushed to death in brutal, barbaric fashion. 


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