First Hunt

Cure for Vainar's Bane successful

After a strenuous ritual, Lady Treesinger confirms that the first attempt at a cure for Vainar's Bane, the great wasting plague of 3125-6, was successful.  It would take time for complete healing however. 

The ritual for the cure began at 10pm on the 16th, with the ritual reaching its apex at the 13th hour. 

Sgt Volstagg Takes Command

Sgt. Minor Amelia Whitestone departs the city of Echer'Naught en route to Kythros, passing command of the Alpha Team to Sgt Gunther Volstagg.

Rangers Awarded Silver Shield

Malcolm's Ranger Research Team, The Alpha Team, and a Ranger's At Large unit were awarded the Silver Shield for thier diligence and service to help end The Elven Plague known as Vainar's Bane


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