Falling Ice

Strange sights above Targon's Arm

A gigantic lance of green and red light was seen above Targon's Arm reaching up to the clouds, viewable from most of gathers' town around the Tears of Shanais Lake. It lasted for some minutes but Shamans pretends that a tremendous quatity of magic energy was released during this event.

According to goblin scouts, this event was provoked by camonites strangers who were investigating in hauted caves.

Tempest Cyclone Strikes Echer'Naught

On the evening of the 34th of Falling Ice, during Echer'Naught's Festival and Joust  in the middle of a pitched battle between Prelacy assassins and the flower of Olaran, Galean and allied Knighthood, a massive cyclone appeared above the Grande Melee field and proceeded to destroy the entire fair grounds, killing dozens and wounding hundreds more. In the confusion, most of the Prelacy fled in the face of the savage storm leaving the Rangers and their allies to battle the strange elemental creatures spewing from the funnel cloud. With great sacrifice, the day was won.


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