Falling Ice

Crimson Crusade Counterstroke: Taking the Bridges to Aladel

Cavalry forces under the command of Brevet Captain Macha Panta broke through Prelacy lines north of Stagg along the Howling River road under cover of darkness. Making a 50 mile night ride through broken enemy terrain, Panta's men struck the Supply Base on the west side of the River at dawn on the 1st of Falling Ice. The defenders, still inebriated from the Longest Night's revelry, were quickly subdued. 

The expected counter attack from Aladel was delayed due to internal machinations within the Prelacy forces.

Liberation of Stoon

Immediately after the Fall of the Chimera's Tower, the Rangers of Sog returned as fast as possible to Sog.  Upon their arrival they mustered their forces and marched on Stoon with the intent to take it back from the Prelacy of Camon before the rumors that Artivan Galadrius and Kassegore were still alive.

Hunting the Shadow Boar

During the 13th hour, on the 15th of Falling Ice, Col. Alexander Wolfhaven and his Rangers successfully destroyed a corrupted Soul-bright boar in the "Southern Baronies" of Olara. Though the beast had terrorized the area and destroyed numerous villages, with a White Silver boar spear provided by the Eckhart baron, the Rangers trapped the boar within a gutted farmhouse and brought it low.


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