Falling Ice

Sun's Crossing Rangers disrupt Jasara-Bearheart Road

Acting on orders from Col. Alexander Wolfhaven, a team of Rangers from the village of Sun's Crossing crossed the Forges entering into northern Olaran territory, much occupied by advancing Prelacy forces. Once in position, the intrepid band of Rangers under command of Sergeant Major Tumung Three-Fingers liberated villagers from occupation, assembled their men into a cohesive fighting force, and began operations to harrass and harry Prelacy reinforcments along the Jasara-Bearheart road thereby significanly delaying any potential response to the subsquent relief of Bearheart.

Crimson Crusade Counterstroke: Taking Furalor

With the bridge crossings to Aladel severed and the Bearheart pass closed to the Prelacy armies, Colonel Alexander Wolfhaven was free to launch the attack on his primary objective: The city and supply base of Furalor.

Calling up 3,000 Olarans, with another hundred or so Rangers, Wolfhaven's army was joined by 3,000 warriors from Stahlheim and another 3,000 warriors from Eon'Voltuh. In addition, 600 warriors marched down from the Northern Gathers. In addition, 20 Sun's Guards from Sun's Crossing joined Wolfhaven's personal escort.

Crimson Crusade Counterstroke: Seizing the Bearheart Pass

On the night of the 25th of Dark Moons, 3123, Lt. Rah-Sah Hawksclaw and around 2,000 Olarans, Rangers and men of the Echer'Naught Free Company marched out of Camp Wolfhaven heading west toward Tarnn. In Tarnn they stopped for a few days while Ranger agents (Cedruss) sabotaged the Prelcy army around Bearheart leading up to their Longest Night celebrations.


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