Falling Ice

Red Store, Shaya'Nor, & Deniers

Using the trade channels established during the Malakar Dominion's sale of corpses to Shaya'Nor, Red Store is solidifying its presence in the Northern Gathers acting as brokers between the disenfranchised Deniers of Death and Shaya'Nor, purchasing fresh corpses from Crimson Crusade battlefields for corrput rituals, and making in-roads into Shaya'Nor in preparation for Shaya'Nor inevitable rise to power.

New foes:

3 124

Kal-A-Nar Empire seeks vengeance!

After a series of embarrassing defeats at the hands of Ranger action in Sun's Crossing and Echer'Naught, a Kal Warlord seeks to exact a terrible revenge upon all percieved wrongs.

3 124

Crimson Crusade: Armistice

During an unprecented event, leaders, military commanders, diplomats and spies from Camon, Stahlheim, Eon'Voltuh, Olara, Galea, Elven Nations and the Northern Gathers arrived in the occupied city of Furalor to sign the first ever official agreement between the Prelacy of Camon and the Southern Kingdoms.


Southern Kingdoms & Allies

Sir Valitor Galadrius, Southern Kingdoms

Chancellor of Foreign Affairs, Olara

Rorauk Fyrforg, Stahlheim

Prince Macha Panta, Eon'Voltuh

Kassagore, Northern Gathers


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