Falling Ice

Vainar's Curse Returns to Echer'Naught

The first reports of the Plague reached the Echer'Naught headquarters on the 10th of Falling Ice as healers from the Infirmary of Light forwarded reports of similar symptoms of fatigue, lethargy, appetite loss, and palor. Sergeant Que'kassars, commander of the Echer'Naught Rangers confirmed that since the 1st of Falling Ice, increasing numbers of Elven Rangers had been added to the Sick Roster.

White Silver Wolves Mercenary Company Marches North

With the retun of Vainar and Shaya'Nor on the march, Colonel Wolfhaven calls together an alliance of Rangers, Olarans, and Stahlheim dwarves to counter the threat. 

Deadly Fever Strikes Eastport

A fever is sweeping the poorer sections of Eastport. Over a week, its victims go from hale to pallid shadows of themselves. Priests and chirurgeons alike are trying to find a cure for the Ashen Blight.


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