Falling Ice

Captain Alexander Wolfhaven promoted to Lord-Colonel

For meritorious services rendered in the name and cause of the Rangers, Captain Alexander Wolfhaven, commander of the Echer'Naught Ranger Outpost is promoted to rank of Lord-Colonel within the Grayson's Gray Rangers.

Statue to honor the fall of RFC Thorgram Ramshorn erected inside North Barony Gate

A new stature in the courtyard inside the North Barony Gate. It would seem that Sergeant Magor Stormhammer carved a likeness of Ramshorn twice his normal height, and placed it just inside the gate, facing inward; a constant guardian and reminder of sacrifice.

Sergeant Evoran Que'kassars assumes temporary command of Echer'Naught

With Lord-Mayor Colonel Wolfhaven departing with a column of White Silver Wolves,  Sergeant Evoran Que'kassars is placed in temporary command as the interim Regional Commander until Lieutenant Celebor can arrive to relieve him.


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