Falling Ice

Gray Lantern search for Answers

Falling Ice 22nd-26th

Attainment of this clue seemed significant or at least a hutch, already baring themselves upon the city of the ranger's headquarters. Digging up resources of the past revealed the Red store with dealings in the underground contracts. An outcast of the House of the Broken Wheel had such sources through relations with the rangers before a bounty was placed, whereabouts unknown. It was all the Grey's required for a lead to go searching for trouble that hopefully prevented further deaths. 

Gray Lantern Investigation of Assassinations

Falling Ice 13th-21th

Lieutenant Celebor named Interim Regional Commander

Beginning on the 8th of Falling Ice, 3125, Lt. Celebor assumes command of the Regional Command at Echer'Naught, relieving Sergeant Evoran Que'kassars who held the post briefly from Fallince Ice 1st when Col. Wolfhaven left to assume command of the White Silver Wolves.


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