Falling Ice

Ancient Gold

Ancient Gold Coins dating back to the Empire of the Golden Sun begin appearing in Eternal Desert markets, and port cities across Shaintar. They begin innocently enough, but by fall appear in such numbers as to raise suspicious about their origins. Clearly a large cache of wealth has been uncovered in the sands of the Desert Princes, though no one can say for sure from where, or by whom?

Captain Alexander Wolfhaven promoted to Lord-Colonel

For meritorious services rendered in the name and cause of the Rangers, Captain Alexander Wolfhaven, commander of the Echer'Naught Ranger Outpost is promoted to rank of Lord-Colonel within the Grayson's Gray Rangers.

Statue to honor the fall of RFC Thorgram Ramshorn erected inside North Barony Gate

A new stature in the courtyard inside the North Barony Gate. It would seem that Sergeant Magor Stormhammer carved a likeness of Ramshorn twice his normal height, and placed it just inside the gate, facing inward; a constant guardian and reminder of sacrifice.


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