Tokens and help items for Roll20?

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Tokens and help items for Roll20?

I am still learning (slowly) about using Roll20 to run a game or campaign.  From what I can see though, I will want to have the SWD blast templates (small, medium, large and cone) available for player GM use.  I was able to make one using a fire token with aura but I could not figure out how to save it.  Then I realized there is no need to reinvent the wheel.  Hence this post. 

Are there any SW or Shaintar things available for Roll20?  If so, where.  Things like the adventure deck, card deck, blast templates, etc. would all be helpful.  If they already exist, can someone point me toward them?



Granyt Fyrforg
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I have scabnned my adventure deck into my computer then uploaded those images into a deck for my game, and for a blast template you or players can use the figure drawing option to draw the apropriate size circle where it is happening and then it can be erased after the effect is over.