Which group to be featured next? You decide!

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Which group to be featured next? You decide!
Cavaliers of Camon?
60% (15 votes)
Rangers of Barak?
20% (5 votes)
The Rangers of Coastline?
20% (5 votes)
Total votes: 25
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Rangers, Rangers, and Cavaliers

I'm not real sure about this, but I voted for the Rangers of Coastline.  Why?  Because Rangers have a big tendency to adapt to their environment.  I'd like to see what changes are made to Rangers if they were inhabiting the coasts.  Favored Enemy: Sahuagin anyone?  Skills such as Cast Net?  Feats such as Hold Breath?  Maybe a couple other ideas tomorrow...

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Um, you do know that Sahuagin

Um, you do know that Sahuagin are a strictly D&D thing, yes? Just want to be extra clear that Shaintar and the J&L campaign are not a D&D setting or product in any way (and there's not really a "Favored Enemy" thing in this game).

Having said that, yes, there are creatures called Children of the Sea, as well as Sea Witches, Syrens, and Myrmidons - all beings that pose threats from the ocean. The Rangers of Coastline haven't quite yet started dealing with them, though. That's coming soon, however.

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Is this poll ongoing from the

Is this poll ongoing from the last poll? For some reason I can't vote, and I am pretty sure I have not voted between these three campaigns before.

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This is not ongoing from the

This is not ongoing from the last poll, Steve. We'll look into this issue.

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I'm having the same issue,

I'm having the same issue, JSYK.

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Failure to submit

Try it now. If it is still and issue, let me know.

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Still an issue

Still an issue. There is no voting interface, just the current totals. Which are the same as they were a few days ago. Do you have a record of who has voted?

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We do, Steve. This is being

We do, Steve. This is being investigated by Mark tonight.

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This poll is marked as closed

This poll is marked as closed. Howard set it up to close automatically after 2 days when he created it.

I've reopened the poll, with no automatic closing date. If you want the poll to close, let me know. Thanks.

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I'm really delighted and

I'm really delighted and proud that Cavaliers of Camon were just nominated, and I have no words seeing that so many people like the story so far (I don't know if the vote are from my own players, but I guess not).

What could be very interesting as a GM would be to have some comments about what was liked in each campaign, what could be improved, what questions readers are asking themselves, what PCs and NPCs did interest them.

In a word, everything that could help improve the shared experience would really be welcome !

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Torgan that is a great Idea.

Torgan that is a great Idea.  Were also looking at highlighting the "feature campaign" in our GM chat sessions as well.  I'll be reaching out to the GM's privatly to help schedule the chat.  Keep an eye out for my message. 

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