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Al Bear - RF
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Food At The Gaming Table

Inspired by JR's post on his excellent blog, I thought I'd ask my fellow Shaintar gamers what food they have at the gaming table. Do you cook a full meal or just go for snacks? Do you go for carrot sticks and salad or is it Mountain Dew and Cheetos? Are you worried about spills? Sticky fingers? Let me know!

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As a trained Developmental Chef, I am always trying new things. My gaming group makes the perfect guinea pigs! I usually do cook full meals, but certain times of the year, like right before the Super Bowl or Halloween, I do a full spread of themed snacks. They usually get even more food then than when I make full meals because I am experimenting with different flavor combinations. I've trained my gamers very well, so we never have spills or sticky fingers. ;)

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The host provides drinks (typically carbonated water and fruit juice), everyone else brings snacks - a varied mixture of crisps (potato chips), salty sticks, rice snacks, biscuits (cookies), fruit, sliced vegetables, and the occasional home-baked cake.  If we play on a Saturday, one of the players usually brings fresh baguettes and cheese.

Whenever I visit my family in the UK, I bring back some snacks for the group (cadbury's chocolate, mince pies, proper cheddar, decent crisps, etc).  Alcohol is extremely rare, and when we drink it's literally just the one (eg when I managed to get my hands on some Crabbies from the UK, and brought one bottle for each player).

We've had a few spills at my place (we used to play there all the time), but there's no table and the floor is laminated, so as long as I didn't tell my wife it was fine.

JR: That German Chocolate Cheesecake looks fantastic!  I wish they sold them in Germany!


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Thanks, but that cheesecake isn't sold in any country. ;)

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I make a habit of bringing veggies and finger fruit (grapes, strawberries, whatever is in season and/or available for cheap). Everyone is usually on their own for actual meal food - a lot of frozen entrees. Someone else usually brings cookies and sometimes someone brings chips and dip. Beveridges are almost entirely ByoBev and the games that last long enough that we worry about food are all open format, without a gaming table, so spilling precautions/prohibitions depend on the household.

The Dread Polack
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I don't snack while gaming. Never have. Also, I recently managed to lose about 30 lbs and learned that the only way to keep it off is to avoid all unnecessary eating, such as game-time snacking. If anyone plays at my apartment, they need to bring their own snacks. I don't provide sugary beverages, either, but if anyone wants sugar-free juice or coffee, I'm happy to provide.

Meals are a different story. My D&D group on Saturday usually shares a meal. Recently, the hosts have been quite generous in feeding the poorer of us, but for a little while we took turns cooking. That was a lot of fun, acutally. The GM took up bread baking a couple years ago and most nights there is deicious fresh bread. My Tuesday game almost always splits a couple pizzas. The host picks it up and has it ready so we can scarf down a few slices and get to the playing as quickly as possible.