A Day in the Life example

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Ian R Liddle
A Day in the Life example

I thought it might be an idea to put an example of 'a day in the life' use here on the forum, so i present:

A Day in the Life .... of Stoatra

I chose two activities for this example; Rest and Investigate. As Rest involves no further steps I ignore this and concentrate on Investigate.

Stoatra started the day with +1 (investigate), -2 (rest), +1 (loyal), +2 (major Obligations), +2 (outsider) or 4 cards, with the ability to ignore 1 due to this danger sense.

These were; 4 spades, 8 diamonds, 6 clubs, 8 hearts. he decided to ignore the 4 spades.

The cards were applied to the three rounds of Investigate in order of their drawing, and thus affected the rolls in that way.

Round One.

Investigate roll of d8 + wild resulted in total of 16; The 8 of diamonds represented his connections with the Rangers allowing him access to more information within Starcross library than normal, however there were a few minor problems which reduced his overall total down to 14 or 3 successes.

Round Two.

Investigate roll of d8+wild resulted in a total of 5. The 6 of Clubs represented the effect his minor animosity towards pirates had - in this case it was an extreme problem; -1 for the card suit and a further -6 for the face which reduced his skill total down to -2, which is a serious fail. However this also results in a Plot Hook which the GM can use later.

Round Three.

Investigate roll of d8+wild resulted in a total of 7. The 8 of hearts means his pirate animosity still dogs his investigation attempts, causing a minor problem. This combines to reduce his skill total down to 4, which although a success isnt much of one.

So, overall, the 4 successes mean slow going; Stoatra managed only to find out Minimal Information on the keys to the doorway they found on Sky Island.


Evaluation - Im not sure how well this will work for online gaming, but I reckon for face to face tabletop this is an excellent system and I can see a use for it over a long period.  In fact, I would be tempted to use it at the start of a session as a 'what has you character done since the last adventure' kinda thing in advance of regular play.

I think I used the system correctly, if not letme know :)