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Exciting Custom Name Cards!

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Sooz - RF
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Exciting Custom Name Cards!

Tired of people forgetting your character name? Calling your ladycharacter a man because you're a man (or vice versa)?  Glossing over important details like "Hey guys, I am actually an orc and therefore taller than you and green"?

Boy, have I got a solution for you: CUSTOM NAME CARDS!

The name card in its natural environment: the gaming table!

These guys are the size of an 8 x 5 inch (20 x 13 cm) index card folded over to a height of 2.5 inches (6 cm), so they stand up for easy viewing across a game table.  In addition to the obvious name, they can include whatever details you think are important:

    • A small portrait
    • Helpful Edge/Hindrance details (Quick, Level Headed, Outsider, etc;)
    • Pronunciation guide
    • Appearance/background details


A set of example name cards



$15 will get you a nice-looking text only card

$35 will get you a card with text and an illustration

What you'll receive is a digital copy of your card in print size; all you need is a sheet of cardstock and a printer, and you are ready for your next con or game night, where you will surely be the envy of every other carbon-based lifeform!


Shoot me an email at sooztacular at gmail, OR a PM here, and let me know what all you want on the card.  You will be on your way to a new, fancier you!

A name card, held by a large stuffed hedgehog