some magic too powerful for single level up

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some magic too powerful for single level up

I think some of the combo spells like grow/shrink and bless/curse are just too powerful and need to be separated into two spells requiring two level ups. 

Maybe that's because while all my players are newbies, one of them is turning into a rules guru and gaming the system hard after playing for only a few months.  Thoughts?


Bless and curse are two different spells in the Shaintar Arisen book, so would say they are allready seperated spells. 

But remember you are the GM, you can change the rules, and seperating spells is something Shaintar does. Just communicate the reason, so people know why you do it.

And remember any dirty trick your players can come up with, can be used against them too.

But if you wan't more response to your inquiry, I will suggest make a post about it, on facebook, in Legends awaken.