Quest for the Throne

A year and six months ago, the Southern Blades crossed the Southern Rangers to take the Prelacy capital of Camondel, breaking the Church of Archanon's century’s old stranglehold on the throne of the Camon. With liberation at hand, the Blades asked interim Regent, Lady Viviane of North Face, to sit upon the throne of Camon while they engage in a desperate search for an heir to the last King Warwick Travane. Then Darkness struck.

For over a year Camon has been a brutal war zone with the Blades and Church of Archanon battling for the east, while a three way war among Darkness, the Prelacy, and the White Silver Wolves has devastated the west. Only the south of Camon, below the Southern Rangers has remained relatively untouched, and staunchly behind the Church of Archanon. But, the Southern Blades successfully crossed the Wolfhead Mountains and joined the Cavaliers of Camon, breaking out across the Faraway River. Marching west, the Glorious First Host of the Southern Blades finally flanked the Prelacy forces and attack on the field east of Lanier. Meanwhile, the White Silver Wolves and Prelacy forces pushed Darkness from the border of Olara north to the wall of Lanier. 

There, through tremendous loss of life, the White Silver Wolves sacked Lanier and scattered the last forces of Shaya'Nor. Before the pyres even cooled, the Southern Blades declared victory and announced that their claimant for the throne, Mereena Avalar. Immediately, the Prelacy revealed their own claimant, Captain Leurant. Even as the Blades and Prelacy forces prepared to launch another bloody battle, a third claimant arrived, Viscount Tramelor, surrounded by a thousand strong force of Camonere citizens.

With all sides on the verge of mutual annihilation, Colonel Alexander Wolfhaven requested that Regent, Lady Viviane of North Face host a summit in the fields outside the ruins of Lanier. On the 34th of Falling Ice 3127, the representatives of the Southern Blades, the Houses of Camon, the remnants of the Church of Archanon, the commanders of the White Silver Wolves and allies, and the people of Camon would choose the TRUE King or Queen of Camon.

It is time for YOU to vote! Who will sit upon the THRONE? The future of Camon is in your hands…


Mereena Avalar, Priest of Light

Faction: Southern Blades

Mereena Avalor was born in North Point, Galea to a family of fishermen. The youngest of a dozen children, Mereena's family sent her to the Church of Light in Archanya to receive an education. Sadly, Mereena's family were drowned at sea during the Tempest invasion, leaving Mereena an orphan. She was raised in the Church, officially gaining rank of Novitiate upon her 14th nameday...a few days before Lanier fell. Mereena's supporters claim that her ancestor was a cousin to King Warwick Travane's aunt who sought sanctuary in Galea during Purification Mandate. Supported by the crown of Galea, the Southern Blades presented detailed, if convoluted, ascestry records.

Despite showing a gift for academia and the arts of intelligentsia, her opponents claim that Novitiate Avalar is too young, too inexperienced, and merely a pawn of the Southern Blades.

Captain Eric Leurant, Crusader of Archanon

Faction: Prelacy of Camon, Church of Archanon

Hero of Tirene, commander, and warrior, Captain Leurant rose to prominence after the fall of Camondel to the Southern Blades in 3125. Despite centuries of loyal service to the Church of Archanon, the Leurant family has always been suspect to the Grand Archcardinal for suspected relation to the last King Warwick Travane. To survive the Purification Mandate and the subsequent spat of political assassinations, the Leurant family dedicted themselves to the cause of the Prelacy. For their service, they were allowed to live. Now, with the crown of Camon empty, the Church of Archanon turns to those they once despised...and the Leurant family, ever loyal, revealed ancient writs of royalty kept safe for centuries.

Despite being an accomplished leader and warrior, Captain Leurant's opponents refuse to allow the Church of Archanon to hold the throne.

Viscount Tramelor of the House of Shael

Faction: People of Camon

Viscount Tramelor has a stronger claim to the throne than Priestess Avalar, and more popular support than Captain Leurant, but he is a Malakaran. Tramelor's ancestors left Camon a generation before the death of King Warwick Travane. His claim comes from an illegitimate child begot by King Travane's father whose family fled to the Dominion. Their descendants settled within the lands claimed by House Shael. Through cunning, guile, and coin Viscount Tramelor's great grandfather purchased a title and the family fortunes have risen since that day. Whether sensing opportunity, or a genuine respect for Camonere descent, the Tramelor's have long supported the Cavaliers of Camon's efforts against the Church. More recently, during the war against the Southern Blades, and the invasion of Darkness, Viscount Tramelor has accepted thousands of refugees fleeing the series of wars. As the White Silver Wolves pushed back the shadow of Darkness from the land, Viscount Tramelor has helped many displaced Camonere rebuild their shattered lives...for a reasonable price.

Despite having great political and economic experienced, the Viscount’s opponents suspect Tramelor's claim to be fake, an attempt by the Dominion, or Red Store, to gain control of the Kingdom of Camon.

Prelacy of Camon
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