Help to Understand Dwarven Wright

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Help to Understand Dwarven Wright

Do I get right that the Apprentice, Journeyman and Master Wrights are doing the following :

- Apprentice : in some situation you can create "something" that can help your group to get out. That "something" doesn't do much more than just let your group out.

- Journeyman : once per game, you can create a "power-like" device, with 10 essence or so (Repair dice).

- Master : you start each game with 2 "power-like" device with 20+ essence (2xRepair Dice). He may start each game session with different engines.

- New Decide : The master can start each game with an additionnal "power-like" engine.

I also found that post that helps with Apprentice level, by creating a one shot device.

If I got that right, it looks on the low-power side. It looks like a flexible "mundane" arcane background, that requires lots of Edges, with rare uses per game, but offer a bit of flexibility (ability to change powers from game to game, ability to create one "life saver power" per game).


I liked how Deadland Weird Science works. You can't change powers from game to game, but each scientist is different in what they provide and how they provide it. Also the "can break/explode" would be quite roleplay for a med fan setting where technology is far from mastered.