Razing of Lanier

During the waning hours of Falling Ice 18th, Colonel Wolfhaven led a 1500+ coalition force against Darkness held Lanier. Wolfhaven's coaltion included troops from White Silver Wolves commanded by Captain Fyrforg, RTC marines led by Maric Ordal, Black Company cavaliers commanded by Captain Neverrare, Silver Paladins under First Silver Paladin Sergeant Murvoth, and contingents of Golden Gryphons, Riders of the Light, Olaran mercenaries, Rool goblinesh, and allies. 

Just prior to dusk, Wolfhaven ordered the bombardment of the city while thirteen special strike teams assembled in teleportation circles just outside of arillery range. With the city garrison engaged, the strike teams ported into the city and dispersed to strike key weaknesses in the city defenses. Timing the assault, Wolfhaven hurled his forces through the breaches openned by his sappers.

With his fast moving forces cutting through the city's main citadel, special arcfire troops under heavy White and Silver Paladin guard to key points in Darkness' magical defenses. Devised by the renegadge Builder, the "mad bomber," Wolfhavens arcfire devices ripped through the enemy forces, and Woflhaven's own rear guard, vaporizing most of the enemy defenders. At that moment, high magical rituals triggered collapsing the city walls and towers inward, entombing all within under thousands of tons of molten rock.

Though the Battle of Lanier is counted a victory for Wolfhaven's coalition, out of the 1500 committed to the battle, fewer than 600 returned alive. With the Razing of Lanier, Shaya'Nor's forces were forced into full retreat, drawing back across the border into occupied Northern Gather territory. 

Ironically, with this battle, Wolfhaven finally managed to push Darkness back to the same lines he first created prior to Vainar's Rise and his own, temporary, demise.

Prelacy of Camon
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