Legio Heroes

The concept of the Legion of Heroes was created by Colonel Alexander Wolfhaven on Red Wolf 16th, 3123 after the defeat of Tempest in the Tempest Realm. Those heroes for faced the Tempest invasion were the "first" members of the Legio Heroes. However, at that time, the Legio Heroes was more a concept than an organization.

Over the next three years (3123-3126), the title Legio Heroes was granted anyone who had seen or travelled beyond the Veil. This included those who battled Darkeness in Shivak Novos (Gray Lands) during the Rise of Darkness, or those who travelled to Norcan Darr. However, it was not until the Long Recon Rangers' mission through the Vortex on Og'M'Drakar that the Legion as an organization truly began to take shape.

The return of the LRT from that mission coincided with Colonel Wolfhaven's foray into the Eternal Desert to check the emergent power of Xaos, ironically, alongside a small Tempest force. His experiences both in the Tempest Realm, Norcan Darr, and Shivak Novos, coupled with the LRT reports and his battle against both Tempest and Xaos proved, to Wolfhaven, that an force was needed to counter the threat of these new emergent threats invading the Shaintar (Realm of Starfall) from outside. 

While the Ranger mandate continued to expand, the Rangers were equipped and trained to deal with "domestic" threats. Wolfhaven sought and gained permission from the nascent Centenium Council which was originally created to counter the rise of Flame and Darkness, but whose mission had been all but abandoned, to create this new force under their jurisdiction. In theory, the Grayson's Gray Ranger authority would continue to expand across the Free Kingdoms of Shaintar, while the new Legio Heroes would venture out into the Continuum. Though, in practice, both organizations have great overlap.

With the Centenium Proclamation, the Legio Heroes was officially born, and Wolfhaven drew from existing "members" and the experiences of the Long Recon Team to quickly build and staff the new organization. Special effort was made to recruit Builders, former Tempest and Xaos, and others known to have seen "beyond" the Veil. 

By 3127, the Legio Heroes, temporarily based in Tar'Imas, begin official operations.