Detonation in the Desert

Two days hard march south of A'Davar, the Maelstrom army under command of who is believed to be Asascha kes Murdov, Maelstrom Commander, closed on and had nearly overtaken A'Davar's flagging army. Colonel Wolfhaven hatched a desparate plan to lead the Maesltrom army into a narrow rocky defile through a desert ridgeline. 

As the enemy passed through, Echer'Naught's Alpha team and A'Davar sappers would detonate alchemical blasts, blocking the pass and burying at least a part of the Maelstrom army. However, the Maelstrom Commander was cunning, and preemted the ruse. Childer rushed the sapper teams, nearly overrunning their position before the trap could be sprung.

Lt. Volstagg, commander of Echer'Naught's Alpha team, triggered the explosion early taking out his own team, the rear of Wolfhaven's forces, but, also, crushing almost the entire van of the Maelstrom army and blocking their path for precious hours.

Due to the sacrifice, Wolfhaven and A'Davar's forces slipped away and managed to reach the city of A'Davar before the pursuing army could recover.

Eternal Desert
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