Xaos in Paradise

After sitting at anchor in the Paradise harbor for three days aboard ship watching the sandstorms swallow the city, the 5th Company of White Silver Wolves are awoken early on the 33rd of Harvest Moons, 3126 to fires ripping through the fleets at anchor. As they scrambled to the longboats, the Wolves realized with horror that the city was in flames, and under attack.

Landing under heavy fire, the 5th company managed to establish a beachhead north of the city. There, they assembled and dispatched scouting parties into the city proper. Paradise was in Xaos. Enemy forces had infiltrated, or impersonated local Paradise warriors, further adding to the confusion. 

The 5th Company mobilized and cut their way through to Prince Esteban amin Firenzo, Lord of Paradise's palace where he, and Tempest allies, were holding off a Xaos attack. With the help of the wolves, and other unexpected allies, the Prince was saved, but a larger Xaos force north and west of the city was poised to overun the confused and disorganized defenders.

Together, the disparate factions and peoples of the city  banded together to hold the city against overwhelming odds. Joining Xaos in the attack on Paradise were thousands of warriors from A'Tora under command of Prince Hesham amin Jomil, Emir of A’Tora. All through the afternoon, and evening, the Prince's armies battle.

At around the 13th, everyone felt a massive surge of energy from far out into the desert to the north. And then, a short time later, another pulse, like a gale which suddenly blew away the swirling sands. Xaos' power had been broken. 

Using the opportunity, Prince Hesham amin Jomil gave a command and his A'Tora troops turned on the Xaos. The betrayal, combined with Paradise's forces broke, and scattered the Xaos army. Under a clear sky, the two princes, a Tempest commander, and Captain Juliet Brander met under a flag of truce to discuss terms.

Paradise was saved, but A'Tora appeared to remain in the hands of Xaos. 

Eternal Desert
3 126