Epic Destiny - Back to Basics

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Epic Destiny - Back to Basics

Hello collective unconsiousness

One of my friends/Players may have found a pretty big loop hole in the Edges for Humans.

Epic Destiny allows you to take any edge, regardless of Rank requirements (but must tstill fulfill all other prerequisites such as Attribute and Skills die of other edges). So far so good.

The issue comes when he chose the Back to Basics edges (an edge that only has as a requirement to be of Legendary rank, and thus Epic Destiny waives away that) which allows him to pick two Novice edges.

This is a potent way to gain more edges than any other player race. Technically still legal, but it just smacks of min-maxing, IMHO.

My questions are:

1- Would you allow this in your game? 

2- Have you encountered this situation before? And have you allowed it?

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Yes we’ve encountered this before, and no it’s not allowed because it literally breaks what that edge is intended to do.

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I'm not sure I see where is the problem.

Epic Destiny lets you, once per rank, pick an edge which is up to two ranks above.

So Epic Destiny+Back to Basics would allow to gain 2 novice edges for one of its Veteran advances, and once again at Heroic. Yes you get 2 extra edges, but those are novices, and you also got 2 other novice edges while they could have been Veteran and Heroic.

And I'm assuming that New Power taken as a "Novice Edge" would only allow me to pick "Novice powers".