Hostage Negotiations Completed

On the 17th of White Stagg, 3125, the former Madame Lillithien of the bawdy house, the Red Lamp returned from exile after her connection to Darkness was discovered. Though, a warrant was never issued for her arrest, she was wanted for questioning. Having been gone for months, she reappeared in the company of Ranger Sergeant Athrate Alystar, and a young infant boy, claiming sanctuary.

It was subsequently revealed that the boychild was, in fact, the offspring of the deceased Ranger First Class Mugin Von Dietrich. RFC Von Dietrich had perished in the line of duty, 11th White Stagg, 3124. However, as was discovered, he was corrupted and turned to serve Vainar. Ultimately, the undead horror of Von Dietrich was destroyed by Colonel Wolfhaven on the 24th of White Stagg, 3125, as the undead Von D led an attack on the city.

From the 17th of White Stagg, 3125, until today, the issue of Madame Lillithien and the child have been a matter of some discussion in the city. While the Madame has broken no laws, she is a creature of Darkness and may not be allowed to remain free among the honest and wholesome people of the city. She has remained under “protective custody,” but there has been growing political pressure to resolve the issue, however that might be done. 

Word has arrived that negotiations between Grayson’s Gray Rangers, the Crown of Olara, the Church of Light, and House Wolfhaven have been completed. On Dancing Clouds 15th, 3126, Madame Lillithien surrendered her son, Dom Athrait Tenebris Von Dietrich, born Golden Eagle 16th, 3215, as hostage to House Wolfhaven, to be raised along with the other children of that house under watch and guard, and to be trained and instructed in the ideals and laws of the Southern Kingdoms. Madame Lillithien swore by her honor and his blood to abjure the realm, leave by sea, and never set foot within the land of the Southern Kingdoms. Assurances of her behavior were certified by Sergeant Athrate Alystar of the Church of Light, and Colonel Wolfhaven of Grayson’s Gray Rangers, the Crown of Olara, and House Wolfhaven.

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