Liberation of Tirene

Colonel Wolfhaven's White Silver Wolves along with allies and marines of the River Trade Coalition begin an all out assault against Darkness forces occupying the Camon city of Tirene along the Camon River. After purging a nearby Loci on Fetival Moons 16th, 3126, units of White Silver Wolves along with RTC marines begin a pre-daw assault on the riverport district of Tirene, just outside the western gates. 

The morning attack is mostly successful, but Colonel Wolfhaven takes the field to escort his forces out under heavy siege engine barrage from Tirene's walls. With the western gates useless to the Darkness forces in Tirene, Colonel Wolfhaven begins the siege from the south side of the city. Echer'Naught's Siegemaster Withenbrow “Whit” Brimstone’s men begin an all-out bombardments of the city's walls. Meanwhile, Prelacy forces under command of Captain Leurant begin assaulting the city's east gate. 

After 5 hours of siege, Colonel Wolfhaven fields his special siege unit, the "Reking Kru" to breech the walls using a converted and jury-rigged arcfire projector from a large arcfire golem. With the walls breeched, the White Silver Wolves poured into the breech met by fores Darkness from within. The battle raged until the evening, but ultimately, the combined Wolves and Prelacy managed to push back the Darkness. Colonel Wolfhaven's forces secured the city's central keep while Captain Leurant's forces took the corrupted Cathedral.

Despite the victory, the Prelacy and White Silver Wolves very nearly come to blows over who claims the city. Colonel Wolfhaven is able to negotiate another truce, putting a surviving member of the last Tirene noble house in charge of the city. Defense will be handled by two equal forces of Prelacy and White Silver Wolves troops to maintain equity in the city.

Months long war finally culminated in the taking of Tirene. All that remains of Darkness Strongholds in Camon is Lanier, the last bastion and the final target of the White Silver Wolves.

Prelacy of Camon
3 126