By late summer, Thunder Hawk to Festival Moons, the sand storms become so intense that travel in the Eternal Desert is effectively halted. Even the Sandy Sea Caravan is stranded in A'Davar for the first time in living memory. Only communities on the far northern border, such as A'Davar, and the port city of Paradise are spared. Refugees flock to these haven, seemingly chased out of the desert by storms which move with malicious will. 

In Paradise, the situation grows dire with food shortages, epidemic, exposure, and rampant crime. A'Davar is not spared. The rising population, and stranded merchants, makes the city a target for theives and bandits. Only treacherous mountain passes from the Black and Hellstorm Mountains can even reach the communities along the edges of the desert. Conditions for those living in these communities turns violent and desparate.

Eternal Desert
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