Fall of Lord Velkalar

After two days of fighting, Colonel Wolfhaven's forces reached the summit of Velkalar's mountain and sieged the gates of his fortress. Unfortunately, terrain and engineering made conventional assaults useless. Wolfhaven also lacked the time and resources for an extended siege. Calling his Echer'Naught Alpha Team, Colonel Wolfhaven personally led the assault on the final keep.

Within the inner courtyard, Colonel Wolfhaven, Sergeant Volstagg, Corporal Amaroth, RFCs Daynor, Zathlan, and Moldova, Rangers Serys and Grendel, and the ogress powerhouse Fekla face off against Velkalar's four lieutenants: Dom Diego (master duelist), the Nightmistress, Korash "army slayer", and the Crossbowman. Through skill, loyalty, and Wolfhaven's planning, the Crossbowman is defeated, openning the field for Farspeaker Eris Moonsilver to directly challenge the Nightmistress, felling her. Dom Diego and Korash surrender in the face of the powerful Adept.

With that, Col Wolfhaven leads the team, minus Fekla who remains to watch Korash, and Serys who is badly wounded, enter the inner sanctum and face down Lord Velkalar himself. Armed with maker arcfire, the Crimelord quickly cuts down all but Colonel Wolfhaven, Sergeant Volstagg, and RFC Moldova, though all are injured. In a final gambit, Wolfhaven rushes the field, soaking the arcfire openning a clear shot for Sergeant Volstagg to breach the arcfire barrier protecting Lord Velkalar.

Before he can be reached, Lord Velkalar "executes" Captain Rah-Sahn Hawksclaw after two years of imprisonment, and pressed his Teleport button...

...only to have a complete suit malfuction which renders him dead or incapacitated. With that, Ranger Sarah Longtail, two years under cover, reveals herself and rejoins the Rangers of Echer'Naught. Wolfhaven and Volstagg call upon the Silver Unicorn and manage to stablize Captain Hawksclaw. All barely managed to escape the ensuring destruction of the keep via trigged arcfire blasts; Velkalar's final insult.

The keep destroyed, and Velkalar buried under tons of rubble, the Rangers return to Echer'Naught to heal and recover.

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