Therel Fateweaver, seneschal of Echer'Naught, slain

During the reception for the wedding of Sir Gunther Volstagg, Order of the Crimson Wall, and Lady Nexus Zathlan, House Lyonn of Galea, There Fateweaver, seneschal of Echer'Naught, was slain by Dom Alphonz Domingo Ferrara Diego Castellano, Fancing Master of agent of the criminal mastermind, Lord Velkalar.

Unfortunately, the killing was "justified" as Dom Diego held a Royal Olaran Warrant for the arrest of Davos Oladoran, an alias for Therel Fateweaver, for treason and crimes against the crown. Prior to ascending the position of seneschal of Echer'Naught, Fateweaver was the King of Low Town, and Master of the Thieves Guild of that city.

Due to heroic actions on behalf of the city, he was forgiven his former allegience, but his true crimes, and name, were unknown until his exectuion in Galea.

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