Sergeant Sir Gunther Volstagg duels Sir Bolen over Ranger interference

At some point in the early hours of Red Wolf 1st, 3126, Sir Eric Halten, Royal Sheriff of Echer'Naught slew Lady Bolen, wife of Sir Bolen while under the power of an adept. In grief, Sir Bolen swore to kill Sir Halten, but was thwarted from his righteous vengeance by Sergeant Sir Gunther Volstagg who arrested Sir Halten, placing him under Ranger jurisdiction.

While legal, the Olaran knights felt Sir Volstagg's interference slieghted the honor of Sir Bolen, Lady Bolen's husband, and Sir Barrough, her protector. For this breech, Sir Bolen challenged Sir Volstagg to a duel of honor.

At dawn on Red Wolf 4th, 3126, Sergeant Sir Volstagg faced Sir Bolen as witnessed by Lord Garren Olar, Captain of the The Royal Guard, Lord Commander of The Order of The Bear, and King’s personal bodyguard, and Lord-Colonel Baron Alexander Wolfhaven, Field Marshal of Olara, Lord Mayor of Echer'Naught. After a brief, but brutal duel, Sir Volstagg proves the greater warrior and felled Sir Bolen in honorable combat. Honor has been settled by blood, but the Rangers gained few allies among the Olaran nobility.

3 126